Ahoy! Don’t Let the Paint on Your Boat Fade!


At JD Incorporated, we also specialize in clear boat wraps that protect the paint on your boat. We offer standard color wraps, matte & metallic wraps, protective film wraps, boat names, boat sponsor logos, and vinyl striping. Our wraps are made to protect boat surfaces of all types and sizes against scratches and paint fading. As a result, your boat will last longer and look better.

JDI’s standard color wraps are a very popular choice. This option allows you to completely change the look of your vessel by simply covering up oxidized, gelcoat or paint. Above all, it keeps you looking great for longer.

Matte & metallic wraps can add both protection and style. With this option, your boat or yacht will standout on the water with our spectacular designs. We offer matte & metallic wraps in a variety of colors and designs giving you plenty of options and the ability to create a unique look.


JDI can add your business logo or boat name using our boat wrap technology. We have all heard the superstition, it’s bad luck to not name a boat. You can add any font style, or color when adding your boat name. Logos can help grab attention on the waterways and increase your brand awareness. JDI can create a custom graphic or use your own design.

Vinyl striping is another visual upgrade to your boat. If you’re looking to make your vessel appear longer, a pinstripe on the hull can achieve this look. This option comes in a variety of sizes and colors. Our design and installation team at JD Incorporated will work with you on the perfect solution.

Protective coat

Protective boat wraps, CoMar Films, is a thermoplastic urethane film applied to painted surfaces of new or used boats of all types and sizes, in order to protect the paint from sun damage, oxidation, scratches, gouges and abrasions. This has a 7-year material warranty with a 1-year installation warranty. The 1st US company to offer this service to the Marine industry with film made specifically for that industry.

In conlcution, we do offer dealerships discounts for material and installation. Great for Bass boats, allows fishermen to maneuver and navigate their boats in tight sallow areas without worrying about branch scratches. Packages available to wrap boat trailers and boat interiors.


  • Makes original factory paint look more brilliant
  • Protects boats from scratches / gouges, especially for Bass fishing boats
  • Protects boats original paint from sun fading
  • Also apply to boat trailers and interiors
  • Damaged areas can be repaired with minimal down time
  • Damaged areas can be repaired and remain virtually invisible
  • Can be installed over advertising or decorative wraps for greater product protection and longevity
  • Can be installed in 1 day (example. 25’ Bass Boats, lager boats could take longer)
  • Works great to prevent oxidation on aluminum boats
  • Works on most non-textured surfaces
  • Removes cleanly
  • 10 year warranty (Waterline up)
  • 1 year installation warranty (Waterline up)
  • Greater resale value on all boats that uses this product
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